Urban Explorer Justin Jenny - Behind the Scenes

As long as I've known Justin, he has been exploring abandoned places with a bit of flare. Justin is an interesting dude to say the least. Adventurous, energetic, and eccentric are proper adjectives to describe his general disposition. 

Justin got laid off from his job at GoPro, sold most of his belongings, and took off to explore for 6 months while living out of his truck. I got laid off from GoPro as well and had the opportunity to work on this project as one of my first gigs back into the freelance world. I linked up with Justin on the last leg of his trip in Upstate New York.

There are a ton of abandoned Summer resorts in the area due to a decade plus of declining tourist numbers. Tourism in the area suffered in the 80's and 90's once air travel became more affordable for the average person. The resorts started burning down in "suspicious" fires and were left abandoned by their residents. 

Most of the photos above were taken by Justin while we were shooting and exploring. It was definitely an adventure I will never forget. 


Nathaniel Lee