Director: Nate Lee | DP: Mike Borden | Producer: Fictitious Productions. Contact to view.

Director: Nate Lee | DP: Mike Borden

Verizon's 5G incubator at Alley in New York City is bringing universities and startups together to test their 5G concepts on Verizon's pre-commercial 5G network Communications is at the heart of many of the changes we've seen in the last decade or two.

Director: Nate Lee | DP: Chris Ray | Co-Producer: Ryot.

Ryot came to us with a strange but fun idea using Verizon's 5g Colt truck and some interesting technology.

Produced for for When Justin Jenny was let go from his job, he made the decision to do what most of us only dream about: pack up his truck and hit the road to follow his passion. Take a journey with Justin through some of the spookiest and craziest abandoned spaces in America as he shoots material for his new photo book.

Originally created for Chris Ray is one of the most iconic skate filmers in the business. From his years at DC to his independent projects since, few have pushed the genre farther and innovated more than Chris. Skate legend Mikey Taylor and others spill the secrets on what makes Chris so incredible and what the next chapter is looking like for him as a filmmaker in demand.

Created for Actress/Activist Serinda Swan explains the genesis of the Ride or Drive event, and the important cause that started it all.
Created for WWW.GOTOGROUND.COM Trae Tha Truth has been telling stories about the streets of Houston for years now, through his songs. This is the story about Trae and Relief Gang, the organization he started after the hurricane to help repair the city he loves, and the people that have given him so much.

A handful of images shot on my travels from 2016-2017. Music: Insightful. Locations include: Tahiti, Nicaragua, San Francisco, China, San Diego, Bali,  and North Carolina.